Friday, 11 April 2014


My new house has a tiny little raised bed at the front. When we moved here it had a tiny fuchsia n the corner and the apple tree that my eldest son brought with us from our old house.

Now I’m not much of a gardener in fact I seem to have the touch of death for most things green, but I decided that since it was a small bed, not too daunting I’d try to cheer it up a bit. I bought a couple of heathers and my mum donated another bush from her garden and it was starting to look a bit prettier.

During the half term holidays I was fortunate enough to get a little time with each of my children individually while the other two were off out doing other things. One of my twins and I decided to plant some bulbs during his Mummy time and ever since my children have been asking me when we’ll have flowers- it’s actually been a really nice time of anticipation for them.

And now the anticipation is over. Every time I step outside my front door I am greeted by a lovely patch of colour. When I arrive home, even if I have to open my door to find horrible post on the doormat or a big mess left by my children I’m always cheered up by the beautiful flowers on my doorstep, they remind me of the newness of the season, that after the bleakness of winter springs something new, alive and colourful. They make me smile each day.

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