Abuse is Not...

There are many myths surrounding Domestic Abuse. These myths not only create a society where women are not supported to speak out against abuse and where abusers feel justified in their abuse, but they also mean that many women in abusive situations are unable to even comprehend that what is happening to them is abuse. This means that they stay trapped for longer.

My ‘Abuse is not…’ series explains what abuse ISN’T. Over a series of posts I talk about what myths I believed when I was in my abusive relationship, and using examples from that relationship I will explain how I now realise I was wrong.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share this blog series with as many women as you can. If even one woman reads these posts and comprehends the reality of her situation we have saved another person from enduring what I endured for so long, and that is good. The truth about abuse is that it is everywhere.  Anyone can be affected by abuse and most people who know them will have no idea. So please share, because you DO know people affected by domestic abuse, whether you realise it or not.

Abuse is not...

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