Friday, 4 April 2014

Beautiful Mess

My children had a bit of a shock last week, the sky box packed in and they were thrust into the dark ages where they didn’t have ten million channels of kids shows to choose from and couldn’t pause the TV when they needed the loo or when I called them into the kitchen for dinner. Thankfully, while they were all out at school the engineer showed up to fix it- complete with his hard hat.

I think when he stepped into my house he was pleased he had the hard hat! He initially went into the living room to check the box but I was mortified to realise he needed to work on the cable which runs through the dining room.

You see my dining room is more like what you’d call ‘the family room’ or even ‘the playroom.’ It’s where my family does life, the younger children keep most of their toys in there and play on the floor and the dining table is usually covered in letters from school, post, their artwork- lots and lots of their artwork, and often a whole pile of unfinished projects. That day it was covered in paint, paint pots and brushes, glue, bits of cut up card and paper- it was a real mess from the Easter project they were all working on the previous night. The floor was at it’s worst too, they’d had the Lego out, and instead of keeping it all on the tablecloth I give them to play with it on they’d scattered it around the room, along with a bunch of other stuff too; action man, spiderman, a batmobile, pieces of a playmobil castle- these things were strewn- abandoned on the floor.

I was embarrassed by the mess.

The sky engineer said “I take it you have children” I laughed and blushed “is it obvious?” I spent the rest of the time he was there fluctuating between apologising for the mess “I’m so sorry these toys are in your way” making excuses “it’s been a really busy week” and trying to laugh it off “kids eh, they make a mess faster than I can tidy!” I pottered round the room picking up toys while he worked. In between my profuse apologies we chatted about the toys, he told me how the action man toys brought back memories of his own childhood, he shared how he’d enjoyed building Lego with his son, and laughed at my twin’s escapades, telling me his sister had twins and they were a right handful too. In fact I was starting to forget my embarrassment when he asked if he could use the loo……

“Um yes, and I am so sorry it’s so mingin’ it’s cause I have three boys”

I realise though that I shouldn’t have been embarrassed by my home, I should have been proud of it. A stranger came into my home and the first thing he noticed was that it’s a home where children play and are happy. Whilst he was in my home this man was reminded of fun times with his own family and felt safe to share his cherished memories with me, he clearly recognised a house full of love, warmth, fun and family. Yes it was untidy, because the priorities in this house are spending time together, having fun and being creative. My home is a place where my children are free to make a noise, make a mess, express themselves and basically do what children do. The first thing you see when you walk in my dining room (well apart from the toys on the floor) is a massive wall full of my children’s artwork. I am so proud of how clever and creative my children are, I love to display their work on the wall; it’s beautiful, just as beautiful as the Chas Jacobs and Banksy pictures that adorn my other walls. And you know their mess, well that’s beautiful too, because it’s their mess, it’s my family’s mess. It’s our mess.
My Childrens Art Wall


  1. Your children are great artists - but I love the other things on this wall as well. The Well done certificates from school and the quotes that are both fun and encouraging.

  2. Ironincally the Well Done certificates from school are both for tidying up nicely ;o)

  3. Hiya I just loved reading this it made me feel like im not alone I also have just divorced a abusive man who is now marrying an old friend too and I also have three boys and my house is always a mess toys everywhere and artwork :) I have found being a single mum difficult and still learning along the way I have good days and bad days but your blog did make me giggle because ive also been in that situation with the sky man too lol . Keep strong Sarah ( lol we even share the same first name ) and keep blogging x x God bless x

  4. Hi Sarah, thank you for your encouragement. I hope the rest of the blog is encouraging to you too, albeit not as funny ;o)


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