Monday, 26 May 2014

Who am I?

My ex husband reccently sent me an email that ended with the line:

“You are a spiteful and hateful person and I really hope that someone finally sees you for what you are.”

Well I have news for you ex…. Not only is everyone finally starting to see me for what I really am but so am I. I am not the things you always told me I am, the things I started to believe, the things I                                                                                             started to become….

· I am not an argumentative bitch who rubs everyone up the wrong way just to get a reaction (and therefore deserving of physical violence) and in fact the confrontational side of my nature seems to have vanished completely now I am not bottling up anger at being mistreated.

· I am not a dizzy bimbo not as intelligent as my ‘clever husband’ I am not only intelligent, thoughtful and able to formulate my own opinions but I’m also someone who learns from my mistakes and reaches for personal growth.

· I’m not an out of touch pie in the sky dreamer full of completely
stupid ideas that will never work in the real world; I am a creative innovative ambitious independent woman who can achieve anything she puts her mind to.

· I am not a selfish cow who always has to have her own way, I am a kind and considerate good friend, and even more so now that nobody is getting in the way of my friendships

· I’m not a dirty, lazy bad wife and mother with low standards. I am a hardworking mum who always puts her children first and given how awesome my children are I’d say I’m not doing too bad a job.

· I’m not a ‘love you or hate you’ kind of person who most people hate. I’m actually just a nice normal regular person who lots of people really care about, and not living my life paranoid about them hating me is making me able to see that much clearer.

· I’m not ‘fat’ or ‘saggy’ I haven’t ‘let myself go’ I like to wear pj’s at night because I like to be comfortable and whilst busting my ass off in the gym to be a bit more toned just ain’t my bag I’m still attractive because beauty is more than skin deep. I don’t need to dye my hair blonde or wear certain clothes to attract and keep a man, my sizzling personality is enough to do that (that and my cool purple hair and stylish dm’s!)

· I’m not spiteful or hateful. I am trusting, fun loving, passionate, optimistic and focused on the positive. I also have a deep drive to care for and rescue those who may be vulnerable or hurting and this is what left me open to abuse.

More than any of this I am God’s daughter. I am made in his image and am just how he created me to be. He’s not finished with me, I’m his work in progress but I am not a failure, I’m a masterpiece and you, well you’re going to have a lot to answer for when you come face to face with my father because I did not deserve to be treated the way you treated me.

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  1. People in the wrong often try to justify how they treat others, it makes them feel better about what they have done.


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