Friday, 30 May 2014

Five Small Acts of Rebellion

One of the first things I did when I left my ex was cut my hair. He hated short hair and so I wasn’t allowed it shorter than shoulder length when we were together, he said women with short hair “looked like lesbians” (nice huh!)

Cutting my hair was very liberating, having had to be obedient for so long it felt like an act of teenage rebellion. Sometimes I still find myself doing things as an act of rebellion knowing how much it would send him into a complete meltdown if he could see…. Here are five of the things I love to do…

  1.  I ‘dig’ in the butter. Butter has to be removed from the pot in a smooth sweeping motion so it stays neat and tidy, taking a chunk of butter out of the pot is absolutely unacceptable, it’s unhygienic and can cause food poisoning!  I still giggle when I dig in my butter.
  2.  I leave pay and display tickets stuck to my windscreen until I have so many I have to remove them to be able to see out. If he ever got in my car and there was a pay and display ticket stuck to my windscreen there’d be hell to pay, you know if they get left on your windscreen the sticky stuff never ever comes off, and this is a disaster.
  3.  I put my pyjamas on when the kids go to bed, and I don’t feel bad about it. What’s more I wear pyjamas all night, without anyone dramatically sobbing into the pillow next to me that I’m only wearing pyjamas to avoid having to have sex with him.
  4. I sometimes leave the washing up until morning- shock horror, and its presence the next morning doesn’t cause anyone in the house such severe depression that they lose control of their ability to behave like normal human beings, which is weird because I always thought that dirty pots left overnight did that
  5. I get in the car, go for a drive and get lost. Just going out for a drive with no plan of where we will end up is ‘stupid’ and a ‘complete waste of money’ and getting lost will always end up in a panic attack. Now strangely enough I go for a drive and don’t end up bankrupt, I get lost and somehow still end up back home at the end of the day without having to spend the night in the car or starve to death in the wilderness never to be found again. 

 How do you celebrate your freedom? Do you do anything like this?   

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