Saturday, 29 March 2014

Everything is Awesome.

After an abusive relationship ends you’re often left with the aftermath. Damaged children, damaged relationships with your children, a financial mess and the stress of the ongoing divorce proceedings which no doubt he will make as difficult as possible.

In all of this it’s important to make time for fun with your children, and that can seem daunting when you don’t have money for days out. But you CAN have fun for free, it’s about finding ways to enjoy the simple things in life and one of these can be joining in with your child’s hobby.

My eldest was bought a pile of Lego Quatro for his first birthday, he's loved Lego ever since and my four year olds got their first set of ‘proper grown up Lego’ for Christmas. It can be hard work keeping track of whose is whose Lego and you have to be careful in my house not to sustain the most painful injury known to mankind- standing on a Lego brick.

But it’s great fun spreading a tablecloth on the floor (this makes it easier to tidy up afterwards- just pick up the four corners and chuck back in the box) and building Lego with my boys. And now, we are having great fun building for a competition Lego are running- you can see it here

Mr Rar wanted in on the fun!
The idea is to take everyday objects and make them a bit more awesome using Lego and a bit of clever photography- using Lego and perspective to add faces to buildings, egg whisks or even your cat!

These are the creations my boys and I have made, on the day of the teachers strikes my eldest and I even went out round our local area 'happifying' it with the Lego smile he made. And since we've been dreaming up new ideas and discussing them over dinner, so we have plenty of things to build next time too.
we 'awesomized' our printer by making it print Lego
We 'awesomized' our house by re building it completely- out of Lego
We happyfied some windows
We 'happyfied' the railway bridge 
we 'happyfied' a clock
We 'happyfied' a cafe

Doing this was great fun, the kids were happy, I was happy and you never know we might even win some Lego (though that isn’t the point) So get your Lego out and get creating- what could be better than building something awesome as a family?

And when you do, post your pictures up for me and my boys to see, we'd love to see what you're creating.


  1. Thanks, I think I like the Nice cafe bar best although the bridge arches come a close second.


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